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“Who are you?”

“I’m everything you’ve been waiting for and everything you’ve been fearing you’d run into. I’m your blessing and your curse all wrapped up into one cute and fashionably dressed little package”

She’d been accused of sorcery, been called an inescapable addiction, been kept at a distance seemingly because that was the only way she wouldn’t cast her spells and by that influence decisions and prevent stands from being made.

She’d not wanted to provoke such shifts, it hadn’t been her intention or scope to chain anyone down and make it impossible to break free without going through hurtful and painful breaks. She’d not even been aware of the effect she was having until confronted with it. But even with fingers pointing at her, she could not grasp that it was her they were referring to – this creature with almost supernatural powers, like taken out of a story book! It couldn’t be her!

A look, a breath…trying out a new feeling was almost as casual as trying out a new dress to her, nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. And when she exchanged her smile for a deep gaze, the interest she stirred was the same.

“Who are you?”

“The best choice you’ve ever made and the worst mistake you’re ever going to make in your life.”