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You need to let things come full circle if you want to have any chance of moving on.

Truth be told, some things, some people, or some moments you may never really be able to move on from (frightening thought, isn’t it?); it seems that whenever you want to use a full stop in these stories, someone just comes along and smudges the full stop into a comma. And no damned eraser in sight!

Some stories you don’t want to let come full circle. You’d do just about anything not to allow them to reach their ending. But it’s not just you writing them; there’s always (at least) a second pair of hands adding words, inserting punctuation marks, and hiding the eraser.

This whole time I’ve been fighting an awful déjà vu feeling (and losing to it), but now it’s gone. First time in so long that I’d actually need to rely on this painfully accurate gut instinct of mine and it’s left me with nothing to go on. Just silence. No butterflies in my stomach, no painfully bitter-sweet taste, no anger, no nervous anticipation. Nothing.

I have not idea what to expect at this point and have no clue whether this will be a full stop or just another comma I won’t have the necessary tools to erase yet again.