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When things are linear, you learn nothing. Truthfully, you appreciate nothing really. But then life punches you in the face and leaves you stunned. Stunned by the bitter, brutal impotence you feel in the face of our frailty. And you have no choice but to learn. Learn or perish; it’s that simple.DSCN0617

You won’t even know that’s what’s happening to you, because it will be a slow, decaying process – you’ll die one minute, one hour, one day at a time, until you’ll wake up one morning and you’ll realise you’re empty and devoid of any happiness or light to guide you in this twisted, tangled world. You can learn and quietly bloom, or refuse to, live in ignorance and wither away.

We’re continuously shaped by every single moment of our lives, but there are some that weigh more upon us. Those are the ones that ultimately define us and the way we will touch the lives of the ones around. Do we sit in silence in the face of absurdity and self-inflicted chaos or do we speak out?

I’ve learnt some things myself these past few days. I’ve learnt that good things and bad things come in threes (just waiting for the third one to come round the corner any time now); that we invariably find ourselves appreciating someone and understanding how much we’d miss them if they were no longer around only when we realise we are about to lose them (or have already had to say our goodbyes); that some people just don’t want to be saved, however much you’d want to; that in life you don’t need to draw up lists and compare pros and cons – your heart will let you know what’s right and what truly matters, it will skip a beat and you’ll know without a doubt.