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The mother of all exhaustions… But it’s not like giving up is an option. Not really. Not for someone like me, who thrives in knowing that I proved a point to myself, even if there’s no visible gain from doing so.
Ever felt like you’ve pushed so far that if you push even a tiny bit more, you’re going to break – break down, break into tears? But then, you push a little more, because not doing so is not something you can fathom. I know we all have our own, personal limits, defined by our characters and by our upbringing. I also know I’ve been pushing myself silly for quite a while now and I’m starting to ask myself how close I could be to finally reaching that point when I can’t push anymore without the risk of falling (or failing?) and trully breaking myself.
I’m not there yet, but who knows if the next limit isn’t the real one?