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For some reason, people don’t just walk into my life, they crash into my existence. And to make matters all the more disconcerting, I never see the catastrophe closing in; it takes me by surprise like an avalanche would, sweeping everything in its way, tearing down walls, burning down bridges, just turning things on their heads.

For close to eight years now, I’ve followed one pattern – the one that involves me rebuilding all that’s been knocked down – defensive walls around my soul –  and picking up the pieces of what’s been shattered – beliefs, convictions, paths in life – only to have to start over again as soon as I’ve settled into a steady, comfortable groove.

I like to tread with caution when my life intersects with another’s; though I’m sure I’ve turned out to be a whirlwind instead of a balmy breeze from time to time (more or less unwillingly). So won’t you please tread lightly when you step into my life?