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What do you do if you see or hear someone dear to you crying? Do you go next to them and ask them what’s wrong? Do you offer to help in any way, trying to comfort  them? Let’s imagine you’re not in the same room that they are, but you can clearly hear them crying, sobbing and sighing. Do you go and check up on them or just assume they’re in another room for a reason and just leave them alone until they’re quiet and never bring up the subject when you face them?

What about if you know the reason they’re crying is something you said or did? What then? Do you apologize, even if you’re in the middle of an argument? Do you gently ask them to calm down knowing that they’re in some sort of pain that you may not understand but they are clearly feeling deeply? Or do you stand your ground even if that means chipping away at that person’s soul?

So? What’s it gonna be?