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Isn’t it just peachy to live in a bubble of idealisms, a bubble held together by those utterly fine and wispy intellectual principles? Inside that wonderfully perfect bubble, we can stand aloof from the drudgery and miseries of the mundane. And then there’s me, who always “picks on unimportant crap”.

Yes, how dare I even suggest that one should take into account the menial, mundane aspects like keeping the house clean and in order?! (even though it’s a known fact that the environment you live in and work in can deeply affect you and your general outlook on life) How dare I “pick on unimportant crap” like that?

And how dare I even try to imply that the mundane (i.e. the everyday things we all do and too easily categorize as boring, tedious and simply unimportant – all under a single header, mundane) might matter? It’s the mundane that makes up most of our lives, the little routines – some you enjoy and some not so much – that demand our attention each day for the most part. So yes, that “unimportant crap” matters!

But hey, don’t bother listening to me, I must be way off base about this. It’s probably just me getting old and senile if I’m starting to care about “unimportant crap” like that.