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There’s a stirring all over; in the trees, the leaves, the flower buds, the grass blades and in the air. Oh, yes, the countless scents in the air are a perfect reflection of the madness that is spring. The trees are mad with bloom! And I’m stirring inside, mad with spring, aching for the warmth of the sun, longing for the gentle breeze and intoxicating smell of cinnamon skin.

These changes going on around me are leaving me slightly disconcerted. Change is scary, especially if unexpected, and it can throw you off balance, even if often unwillingly. I’m in a place where, for all this stirring making me sweetly restless, I feel like I’m looking for calm and equilibrium more than anything else. That is, until the next bout of wanderlust kicks in and I lose myself on travel sites and Instagram feeds that seem to document heaven rather than places on this often wretched earth.

Or until a song turns into an obsession I just can’t shake because it speaks to a part of me hidden away and which so very rarely someone manages to reach.