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What could a simple hug or an ordinary “it’s OK” accomplish or matter?

I’ve found it to be true that when trouble comes around, it’s never as a singular occurrence. On the contrary, it often happens that you barely have the time to pick yourself up and dust off the dirt, trying to remember the plate number of the karma bus that just hit you, before you’re knocked down by another karma bus driver who shouldn’t have gotten their licence in the first place.

So when, with all the dusting off until you look like new, someone still realises that you’ve been run over by one of those damned buses running amok – and that there’s another one coming your way fast -, they just hug you tightly and whisper in your ear “don’t worry, it’s OK”, it very well feels like at least for a split second they’ve pulled you out of the way of that bus.

Sometimes, in those moments when nothing seems to be going right and you feel completely uprooted, a hug is all you need.

Later edit: stumbled upon this and it just illustrated my point perfectly