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It takes a frightening amount of will power and more mental strength than you’d ever believed yourself capable of to step away from the heat of the moment and look at things objectively.

So few are really able to do it, to step into that reflective state that helps us understand things – and most of all ourselves and why we react the way we do – on a deeper level than our impulses allow us to while under the pressures of the daily drudgery.

Why is it easier to sit in silent anger than to comfort the other? How is it that we turn affection into something that has the power to hurt more than even the most poisonous gossip of a mere acquaintance would? Why do we become powerless slaves to our impulses instead of looking to the real triggers for our words and actions?

We mean to be patient, but our frustrations take over and we refuse to accept anything else than what we are convinced we should get. We mean to be gentle, but our words end up cutting like freshly sharpened knives. We mean to spill our hearts out – to reach out to the ones we know have the power to make us feel appreciated, safe and at home, the ones whose love we rely on – yet we end up sitting in silence.

That’s when we need to step back.

Don’t let sometimes irrelevant frustrations and impulses get the better of you. Breathe. Listen. Remember.