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It’s finally starting to smell like summer. Oh, you couldn’t possibly have thought I’d be able to speak about myself without mentioning summer! Now that I ponder on the subject, it almost feels like most of my memories – the elation and the horrifying disappointments – span from spring until the end of summer. Lana sings about summertime sadness and she’s oh so right. Summer is an explosive mix of the blues and the most intense feeling of euphoria.

Summer’s my very first love and yet I’ve wasted so many not understanding their true power, their real daydreaming potential. No more, dammit! This is not a summer I’ll be wasting!

I ache, I feel. I may be just a silly little girl for letting the things people do or say get to me like they do. I may be a naive fool for wanting the people around me to be the best versions of themselves they can be. And yes, I bruise easier than most people would consider normal. I hurt from less than you might think I should.

But I realise this is who I’ve always been at my core. These are things I’ve been hearing ever since I really was just a little girl. The difference is I’ve now come to accept these “flaws” about me, even if nobody understands them. This is who I am and no, I certainly don’t want to change these sides of my being. There’s absolutely nothing flawed with wishing for better or with feeling the life I’m living with every cell of my body and every bit of my heart – I am an idealist. A 21st century idealist and an odd occurrence by now.

We’re made for more than grudges and hardened souls. We’re made to evolve, to eventually learn from our mistakes. And you may find this the peak of cheesiness, but we’re made to love another soul. If you don’t believe me, just watch this video that’s buzzing around social media these days: