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Sun chaser, light warrior, heat lover, adorer of the turquoise sea and golden sand, child of the summer. You’ll have quite the trouble tracking down someone who loves summer more than me. From its shy beginnings, the air fragrant of acacia blossoms, to the mid-season linden tree blooms and culminating with the mid-August scent of vegetables being prepared for the looming colder months, when we reach for a bowl of hot, hearty comfort food to warm us from the inside with the taste of summer gone.


By Dan Chung on unsplash.com

Pink skies and a wonderfully balmy evening air. Right now, I’m in love with the warm light of summer’s end. It’s not as harsh as the midday sun of July, it just seems to embrace you, covering you in golden warmth and comfort. This child of summer is learning to also live every instant, feel every moment, enjoy the fast approaching autumn for all it is and all it brings.

I didn’t quite get mindfulness. Until fairly recently, that is. After a period of feeling burnt out – my fault for reaching that point, not anybody else’s; I was warned repeatedly, but chose to keep believing I can push just a little bit more without breaking; not really Wonder Woman, as it seems! – I suddenly started noticing scents more vividly, actually feeling the heat of the sun on my skin, looking at things around me instead of simply seeing them hurriedly. So this is what it meant to actually be living in the moment and enjoying it, not for the potential of the moments to come.

I’ve been living this summer like no other before and don’t intend on stopping. My first and biggest love, I plan on savouring every single second you have to offer – be it rainy, sunny, scorching, cool, cinnamon scented or filled with the colours of hundreds of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Disconnected in ways I wish I weren’t (although there’s yet hope because, like my mother likes to say, every problem has a solution); but more connected with myself than ever before. And more thankful to life for bringing me to this point.