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Pretty much everyone with a social media presence has mastered the art of presenting themselves in a light of untouchable happiness and perfection unattainable by others. Everyone seems to possess secret little tricks, shortcuts and hacks to …well, life! From how to make sure you can wake up early (even though you’re soooo not a morning person) full of energy and ridiculously excited to get the day started, to how to throw a dinner party worthy of pro chefs, to how to secure both financial security and a successful, purpose-driven career, and ultimately to finding serenity and utter happiness in life. Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah, maybe ending all wars on the planet and eradicating hunger in third world countries.

By Paweł Wojciechowski via unsplash.com

By Paweł Wojciechowski via unsplash.com

And then there’s me, who for some unfathomable reason still hasn’t got all the answers: definitely cannot cook 2-Michelin-star-chef level, still not a morning person (but I’ll drag myself out of bed and find some energy to get me through until the 2nd coffee jolt kicks in), and I’m yet to find the secret recipe for untainted serenity, joy and happiness. I have no idea when all this wisdom was imparted to the entirety of our society by divine intervention, but I think I missed the memo and overslept!

You know what, though? In the words of the endlessly wise Adele, at least I can say that I tried. If there’s one thing nobody can accuse me of, it’s not having tried and done everything in my power to constantly grow and turn into a better version of myself. I don’t believe in not doing anything, in standing still, in not growing and not adapting, in not challenging myself to do things I’ve not done before or that pull me from my cushy, cosy comfort zone. Life’s about more than that and I don’t plan on wasting it.

Life’s about more than negativity, procrastination and thinking about nothing. It may not be effortless, like the online suggests. But it sure as hell is worth it.