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There are those very special moments when you just want to go all Jessica Jones on some people’s asses.

This post if going to be a difficult one for me to write, mainly because I promised myself I would cut down on the swearing. Cut down completely, I meant to say. Unfortunately, Jessica’s favourite word is asshole. There it goes, it’s going to be excruciating.

That girl is one hard drinking, loose mouthed, hot mess. But she’s every one of us – just trying to make it by, while trying not to hurt too many people around us in the process. She can be a loose canon, but not for nothing, boys! Don’t mistake her being emotional for her being irrational. Keeping her head cool when everything around her was falling apart is what allowed her to survive. Feeling does not make you a drama queen, nor does it take away from your right to be treated as any man’s equal, that meaning the same respect and appreciation.

She’s real and I love her for it.

Probably the best and most authentic moments I’ve watched on a TV show or in a movie lately are ones that you could easily slide over if not completely engaged in the storyline and everything it symbolises for today’s women. The first one is when Luke offers to help her get the villain, but she quickly declines saying she’s got it, and his reply is “Good for you”. You can sense he genuinely means it, there’s no sarcasm or hurt ego of the man with unbreakable skin attempting to lash out in his response. The second moment is when Jessica finally confronts Kilgrave – him thinking he’s got Jessica under his control again, he asks her to say she loves him. She looks just past him, straight into Trish’s eyes (who is helpless and unable to move, under Kilgrave’s mind control) – her best friend, her sister without sharing the same blood – and says it in the warmest and most natural way. “I love you”, their code phrase with which Jessica would prove she’s still herself. The phrase to prove we’re still ourselves, even when we’re dealing with a shit-storm and have moments when we act insane, the one we don’t say because people might take it as a sign of weakness, but also the one we keep for the women who are there for us in the darkest of times, true sisters, blood related or not.

I do apologise for the spoilers, but for me these two moments stroke such a chord with respect to the kind of attitudes today’s women still face and to the type of relationships we have that I haven’t been able to get them out of my head for a few days now. I’ve binge watched the show over the course of three days, enthralled by the sense of realness it exuded. A MARVEL show, but nonetheless focusing on the woman, not on the powers. And they hit it right out of the ball park. There wasn’t one single moment when I had to say to myself “This is bullshit, a real person wouldn’t say that or react like that”.

Jessica Jones might not be a role model for little kids from so many points of view, but she’s my role model for her authenticity and her strength. (There, I almost didn’t swear at all.)