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Don’t mistake silence for lack of inspiration or for lack of action. Procrastination, as I’ve learnt recently, is not an inherently bad thing. Instead, it depends on how you look at it: am I postponing doing something just for the sake of postponing? Is it because I’m scared of the potential outcome? Or am I giving myself time to make sure I have all my ducks in a row?

Sure, that might never happen 100% (ducks, these fickle animals!), but it might allow me to avoid situations where I make a decision on an impulse that will turn out to be wrong on so many levels. Waiting will give ideas the chance to evolve from fleeting thoughts into true plans of action. Not jumping head first will offer me the time to more thoroughly do my homework and make an (at least partially) informed decision.

I’ve been silent for a while now, even though I’d promised myself – and in a public manner – that writing would be a priority. I’ve not broken this promise, it’s just that I’ve tried to follow a slightly different creative process than so far: instead of publishing new posts impulsively, as a way of liberating myself of frustrations or sadness or anger, I’m writing, then reviewing after a while and refining if needed, revisiting when my state of mind is different from the one I was in when I’d initially written a certain piece and approaching the subjects from a wholly different perspective.

It’s not been an easy switch. I’ve also been going through a rough time, dealing with changes and trying to figure out if some decisions I’d made are the right ones (and if not, what I could do about it). In a nutshell, my head is spinning with ch-ch-changes, but if you never try, you’ll never know what you might (or might not) be missing out on. It’s one’s duty to take a risk once in a while, otherwise one might end up old and grey and full of regrets of what one never did.