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Some days, all you want to do is crash. What could be better in that instance than to know that, like the song lyrics go ‘if you need to crash, then crash and burn; you’re not alone’?

Life can make us crazy, can tire us out and bring us to the point where we’re ready to snap, give up or just run away. But the lucky ones amongst us have someone by their sides, ready to listen, willing to make an effort to make them feel better about themselves, even if that means sometimes making compromises or doing things they would never had done on their own and just for themselves, if it hadn’t been for their loved ones.

Without going into over-romanticised fairy tale territory too much, even those natural caretakers and nurturers, even those with a not-so-healthy-in-the-long-run saviour complex will at one point feel like instead of taking care of others, they are the ones who need to be taken care of for a change, perhaps even pampered and spoiled a bit.


by Kendall Lane, via unsplash.com

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice gesture for no special reason? Who can honestly say they don’t love being surprised with an act of care and love without it being a special occasion? Don’t lie now!

Step out into the dark
Where were you when I was trying
To lift up, carry the love
Do you know?