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A glass of good, fragrant wine will cure just about any woe or sorrow, don’t you agree? “Wine is life”, said someone dear to me. And who am I to disagree with the wisdom of age, gained through overcoming more woes and sorrows than I can imagine still so early in my own journey? Wine is a primordial sap of the earth, trapping in it the warmth and potentially


by Angelina Litvin, via unsplash.com

overwhelming power of the sun that ripens the grapes on the vine.

What better way then to celebrate this very early spring equinox than with a glass of amber coloured wine? I’m having trouble conjuring one up right this very moment, I’ll be honest. Perhaps just knowing you have someone who’d want nothing more than to share this moment with you.

Deep red skies at dusk – may be an omen, may very well not be. One thing is certain, though – the days grow longer, the sun is warmer and the chilly mornings are more forgiving. Waking up early to face a new day is more bearable when the room is drenched in light, all along still dreaming of the distant summer sun and warm, lazy evenings with vanilla and cherry ice cream.