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What else is there to do while in the hair salon, waiting for the dye to take effect, than ponder on how we manage to mess up the good things in our lives and then be miserable and not know why?

Walking around the city on this sunny April day, I couldn’t help but lament how little attention we pay to all the beauty around us, all those simple things that have the power to make us happy. Why do we keep looking for the negative side of everything and throw blame instead of taking a step back to try to understand the other person’s point of view as well? What ever happened to putting yourself in the other person’s shoes for a few minutes at least?

Building walls is easy; so easy in fact that you won’t even realise you’ve been doing it until you can no longer see the ones on the other side and you’ve managed to close yourself in a circle of solitude and misery. It’s a wall of frustrations, blame, desires unfulfilled, words unsaid, arguments avoided. The hard part is tearing the damned wall down, letting that someone who matters back in.


by Leeroy, via unsplash.com

When you’ve built the wall so high, it’s hard to even see the sun and the blue skies, let alone all the greens and yellows and pinks of nature exploding with life. When the wall you’ve so stubbornly built is so high, how will you see the people smiling at you? And most of all, if you keep laying brick after brick, how will you see the one who is still there, loving you? How will you see it’s spring and you’re supposed to be happy?