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I’m not one to advocate for complete and utter disclosure of your personal and most intimate moments. Far be it from me to condone sharing every single meaningful or meaningless instant on Facebook or the likes.

When you share so much that it seems like you’re only living those moments through the lens of your mobile phone and in bursts of 140 characters, it’s most likely because that’s what you’re doing. It’s nothing less than curating your online persona with diabolical attention to detail (filters, hashtags, tags, categories…oh, my!), although reality for most social media users is far from living up to the illusion of all those pretty filters and effects.

There will be moments, though – rare ones, precious ones – that you feel a powerful impulse to share with the world, but most importantly that you absolutely want to share with everybody. If you could scream from the top of your lungs in the middle of the crowded city centre, you would. They used to, you know. They held up boom-boxes that played cheesy songs on front lawns, they wrote marriage proposals in the sky, the wrote songs and books about lovers and loves, they published photos in newspapers.

photos and letters

by Joanna Kosinska, via unsplash.com

In today’s world, social media is the sky we write our messages on and the canvas we “paint” our pictures on with filters and effects.

Not everything is worth sharing or should be shared from the get go. I despise censorship, but I encourage being judicial with when and to what extent you let the world into your life. A little mystery never hurt anyone, but then again you shouldn’t be afraid to shout from the rooftop (so to speak) how much you care about someone or how proud you are to be with that someone. Let your heart speak loudly, with words or with images, just don’t be afraid of its honesty. When happiness dances, you don’t sit on the sidelines. You learn the steps and even if you make a fool of yourself at first, you trip and you stumble, at least you’re doing your best and you’re dancing with happiness