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There’s this misleading belief that writing is supposed to come from a place of pure and untainted inspiration, but it’s not. Keep waiting for the Muse to grant you the privilege of her divine touch and you’re likely to not come up with anything worthwhile anytime soon; or even worse, witness your ideas float away into oblivion, never to be recaptured again.

The reasons for not sitting down in front of that piece of paper (physical or virtual) are many and diverse. I cannot count how many times I had this almost idea and felt almost inspired, but could not muster the motivation to drag myself from other activities too vital to be postponed – watching a TV show, throwing my clothes into the washing machine, reading useless articles on the internet about useless things I’d never have any use whatsoever in my entire life.


by MS J via unsplash.com

I’m too tired. I’m too busy. I’m too caught up in this episode. Just one more episode and then…Now I’m too sleepy. So there goes another day of not being productive writing wise. I keep wondering how others do it – make themselves sit down in front of the computer screen and pour over that topic they chose to explore even when they’re not feeling the least bit inspired. I’m sure there’s a secret, but I’ve yet to find it (or stumble upon it).

That’s why it’s been 20 days since my last post. The acacia trees have bloomed in the meanwhile and strawberries are almost out of season. And that day of the year is speeding my way.

I’ll try to do better, but motivation is a fickle friend.