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In the past couple of years, I’ve moved past dreading and despising winter. No hate in my heart for it, but not quite love either. Summer, however, is without comparison. Can you honestly say otherwise when you see skies like the one tonight, pink upon blue in the balmy dusk?

It’s a time to be raw and wild and to grow beyond the limits of your being without regrets or apologies, to become who you are deep down but fear might be too much to handle any other time of the year. It’s the time to remember who you are, who you were but aren’t anymore, and who you want to be. We forget all those facets of our being far too often and for far too long stretches of time. If only we were capable of keeping a never ending summer in our souls, we wouldn’t feel lost anymore.

Love is so much more intense in the summer. It smells of vanilla and cherries and it tastes of refreshing lemon ice cream. It can be overwhelming in its ability to take over every atom of your being. But so can loneliness. In both cases, a glass of wine, a good book to drown in and purposeful introspection help with finding your centre again. Intense is fine, but losing yourself in it is never a wise idea or a healthy path to go down on. Don’t lose yourself to anything, your being is too precious.

Summer feeling by Madison Bersuch _ Unsplash

by Madison Bersuch, via unsplash.com

Just be this summer, be yourself instead of someone who you think others want you to be. Laugh every chance you have. Cry if you must. Offer a comforting word to someone who needs it. Encourage and support instead of criticising. See people’s talents and strengths instead of their weaknesses and what needs to be fixed within them. Reach out to the people who deserve your time and attention. Make time for them, for the ones who truly see you the way you are and who trust in all the amazing things you’re capable of doing and achieving in this world that feels much too passive at times. Embrace the unique intensity of summer, just don’t lose yourself.