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What do you want to do? What would you like to do? What does your heart skip a beat over when you think of the possibility of doing that for the rest of your life? Get a pen and paper (or an Excel file, it’s easier to move things around while your thought process unfolds) and write those things down. Make a list, decide and get working on it! No excuses!

Wise words. Not mine, but I’ve not gotten permission to quote the author, so I’m paraphrasing just a bit. The truth is, we get sucked into other people’s dreams and ambitions without even realising most of the time, so it becomes frighteningly easy to forget what our own dreams or aspirations even looked like. But then you’ve lost a part of yourself, you’ve missed the opportunity of making the world just a little bit better and more beautiful – maybe not now, not tomorrow, not even in the next year, but who knows what amazing and meaningful ripple effects your actions could generate in others at any given time in the future?


by RhondaK, via unsplash.com

I’d also add: what kind of people make you transform into a better version of yourself? Who are the people whose values and principles you align with and admire? Who are the persons who through their mere presence in your proximity energise you, make you more optimistic and confident, and simply put make you happy? Make a mental note and keep them close. Keep them close and don’t let go for the life of you, because those are the ones who matter and the ones who at the end of the day will have made a true difference in your existence.

It’s never too late to acknowledge these truths. But do it now, sooner rather than later. Why on earth would you waste any more time?