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This autumn, this fall! It’s like a disconnected melancholy. Falling from grace or perhaps falling back into grace, but certainly falling away from illusions impossible to turn into reality. Falling into dreams close to impossible, but still close enough to could be.

Summer’s a maddening mistress, that keeps your most absurd expectations and most unattainable hopes going and going, until you reach a point of utter exhaustion. Summer blinds you with its scorching sun, takes away your foresight altogether and when September rolls around, you can finally begin to see again. Blurry vision, but still a good starting point to regaining control of your senses.

I didn’t live my summer this year. Not really. Maybe just Lana’s summertime sadness and the searing sun leaving me blind still. Time to wake up now and see things clearly again. It’s time to re-evaluate and make decisions.


by Olsztyn, via unsplash.com

This September, this Indian summer! This longing to learn, not to gain a marketable skill, but for the sake of accumulating knowledge. Missing school is an odd feeling that’s been circling around my heart for a while now. A sense of anticipation and curiosity would take over whenever September approached, wondering what new knowledge my dear books would impart. Those times are gone, though – right? So this back to school feeling should make no sense. Yet here we are, longing.

A most lovely Indian summer it’s been so far, but then in a split second autumn has shown this city the strength of its melancholy filled days and its evenings sprinkled with books, hot tea and warm blankets. And Mr. Cohen’s songs, let’s not forget those. You can go ahead and call me silly, but I’d say school’s back in session even for me – read, learn, understand, evaluate, decide, repeat.