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Yesterday felt like a bout of autumn in the middle of an otherwise unusually scorching summer (yes, folks, climate change is a reality). It put me in a very melancholic mood. I wanted to scream. You’ve got to be kidding me, how has it all gone already?!

I’m a girl of summer, no secret there. I’ve been pining for this summer for what felt like an endless winter and a much too cold spring. So please indulge me if you see me become pensive and slightly aloof when there’s an unexpected low in the temperature. I don’t mean to get like that, I just have a very high weather sensitivity in terms of energy levels and state of mind. Probably always had it, it just took me a while to understand the way I react and the way my body reacts to the transition of seasons and the change in weather from day to day.

We somehow still believe the universe is inconsequential to our own being, while at the same time believing so adamantly in myths that hold no real scientific ground. Experiencing how much power the simple shift in the intensity of light during the day can have over mood and even the way my body works, I can’t understand such narrow, dangerous mindsets.

Today, summer and I are on much better terms.  The temperature’s turning around, the skies are clearing up, the sun’s a friend again. And how could I stay mad when for weeks now the season’s been gifting us breathtaking sunsets and skies that look hand painted. Each evening a different colour combination and shades of pink and purple that aren’t quite the same from one moment to the next.


Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

What are summers for than to read to your heart’s content, and to take in the scent of the warm evenings, let your gaze rest of the endless green of the lush trees and the myriad colours of flowers blooming with no shame and no envy for one another’s beauty? What are they for if not to bask in the warmth of the sun during the day and to awe at the sight of sunsets later on? What are they for than to take everything in, revel in the scents, the colours, the tastes; and when autumn comes round you can say you lived your summer.